Parent Quotes

What other parents think about Grin & Grow

“Grin and Grow is wonderful! We’ve had both kids there and the teachers do an excellent job preparing for school.”
– Sara B.
“Ms Sara and Mrs Heidi are really nice. The twos and and toddlers teachers are the best.”
– Brandy (2 year old parent)
“I’m relieved to know my children are left in an environment where they will continue to learn and grow while having fun.”
– Shelley F.
“My kids have learned so much going there — You can tell it’s quality care by the things they’ve learned. . . Overall I’ve been very pleased with Grin & Grow over the years and I tell that to people everywhere.”
– Melanie R (mother of 3 children at Grin & Grow)
“The teachers take the time to help my son interact more effectively with other kids. They give him guidance when he’s naughty instead of just scolding him.”
– Andrea M.