Tuition Costs

Funding & Tuition

Funding for Grin and Grow is received through parent tuition payment, state contracts, grants and donations, and agency fundraising events.

Parents pay either the full cost of care, or if eligible for tuition scholarships, pay an assessed parental fee on a sliding fee basis. See “Scholarships” for more information about tuition assistance.

Parents are charged for tuition based on the number of service units provided to their child on a daily or weekly basis. A unit of service is defined as a 5-hour block of time, or portion thereof. For example, a child attending the center from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, would be charged for 1 unit of service. A child attending the center from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or longer would be charged for 2 units of service.

Parent may contract for full or half-day care depending upon their child’s developmental needs and the parent’s work or school schedule.

A minimum of three days attendance is required to open an enrollment slot. A non-attendance fee will be charged for absences on scheduled days of enrollment when no advance notice is given for absence.

Sometimes parent’s have to unexpectedly work late, get caught in traffic, or just miscommunicate with each other on who is picking up the child. If this happens and the child is still at the center after our 6:00 pm closing time a late fee will be assessed based upon the length of time the child remains at the center after closing time.


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$90.00=1 week, half day (5hrs/day)
$180.00=1 week, full day (more than 5hrs)


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2-5 years
$75.00=1 week, half day
$150.00=1 week, full day



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